Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Campdraft

The Chinchilla Campdraft 2016 - Marking 120 years of Community Spirit

The first camp draft in Chinchilla was conducted in May 1896 and since then, has grown into a national treasure for

camp drafters Australia wide. Its longevity is a demonstration of the strong support for and well-earned prestige of

the event.

The conversation of Chinchilla prior to and for a long time following the camp draft is infectious, becoming ‘viral’

across the country. Competitors from every state excitedly anticipate their visit and return home wishing their stay

was longer. Equipped with a legacy to tell their mates, the Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Campdraft has taken its

place as one of Australia’s premier regional and family orientated events.

It goes without saying that 120 years is a significant achievement for any community organisation. Prosperity;

droughts; fire; floods and rain to the 120 years of characters that have built the event, 2016 will be a program like

no other.

The Chinchilla Campdraft Committee wishes to celebrate this sporting and national milestone through a week of

festivities culminating in the finals of the Grandfather Clock and Special event Dinner and entertainment on the

Saturday evening for all competitors, sponsors and invited guests.

The social cultural and historical significance of the Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Campdraft is second to none. The

continued success of the iconic Grandfather Clock Campdraft is characterised by the atmosphere created both

locally and nationally in the weeks leading up to and during the event. The reputation established in the process is

the foundation of Chinchilla being renowned as Australia’s Campdraft capital.

In 2016, with an anticipated 300 plus competitors, along with their families and spectators, could see up to 1000

people pass through the gates over the duration of the four day program. The best of the best will conjure up from

around the country to ‘stake their claim on the clock’ in the 120 th year of Camp drafting in Chinchilla. The ‘lure’ of

sheer talent will ensure a quality spectacle combined with a contingent of camp draft enthusiasts to witness that

‘once in a lifetime run’.

The Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Campdraft is one of the most prestigious campdrafts in Australia and is one of the 'big three' that make up the Triple Crown series of campdrafts in October. 

Our four day event in October attracts some of the best horses and competitors in the country, all vying for over $60,000 in prizemoney and a shot at the $30,000 Triple Crown. The Grandfather Clock trophy was first donated almost 50 years ago, and campdrafting in Chinchilla has a rich history which spans over 120 years. 

Chinchilla Campdraft also holds an annual Encouragement Campdraft in February each year.This event is run to give young riders, new competitors and maiden horses the opportunity to gain experience in campdraft competition. 


What is campdrafting?

Campdrafting is a sport that evolved from Australian stockmen who moved mobs of cattle aswell as 'cut out' selected animals as needed for branding, relocating, etc.  

The competitor must select (cut out) a steer from a group in the yards. The selected steer must be blocked and turned by the competitor several times to show their ability to control the animal before calling for the gates to be opened.

The rider must then draft the steer around the pegs and through the gate to gain a maximum of 100 points (26 cutout / 70 horsework / 4 course).